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Gallery: The experimental controllers and retro rarities of GDC 2014
Written by Jomar     March 24, 2014    
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Every year, the best thing about the Game Developers Conference is the sense of surprise caused by the originality and ingenuity on display throughout the video game industry. Nowhere was that more evident in this year's show than at Alt.Ctrl.GDC. In a few cramped rows of tables, this show-floor exhibit highlighted unique, experimental control methods that go well past the handheld or even motion-sensing apparatuses we accept as standard. From re-wirable suitcases reminiscent of the nuclear football to repurposed synthesizers and guitar effects pedals, the whole exhibit was a great reminder to not take the way we currently control our games as a given.

Also: Ouya graffiti, a giant teepee, and people looking silly in VR headsets.

The gallery below offers a closer look at some of the most intriguing Alt.Ctrl.GDC controllers, plus a selection of rarities from a Nintendo-focused gaming history exhibit. All and all, these are certainly some of the more interesting scenes from this year's conference.


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• Kyle Orland
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• Analog Defenders sounds like it could make a good basis for some type of educational game to help kids learn about electronics.
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