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Einstein's 'spooky' theory may lead to ultra-secure Internet Featured
Written by melody     July 05, 2014    
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Einstein's 'spooky' theory may lead to ultra-secure Internet.gif=profile pic.jpg

Einstein's skepticism about quantum mechanics may lead to an ultra-secure Internet, suggests a new paper by researchers from Swinburne University of Technology and Peking University.

Associate Professor Margaret Reid from Swinburne's Centre for Quantum and Optical Science said Einstein's reservations about quantum mechanics were highlighted in a phenomenon known as "'spooky' action at a distance."

In 1935, Einstein and researchers highlighted a 'spooky' theory in quantum mechanics, which is the strange way entangled particles stay connected even when separated by large distances.

Ultra-Secure Internet

"Until now the real application of this has been for messages being shared between two people securely without interception, regardless of the spatial separation between them," Professor Reid said.

"In this paper, we give theoretical proof that such messages can be shared between more than two people and may provide unprecedented security for a future quantum Internet."

In the 1990s, scientists realised you can securely transmit a message through encrypting and using a shared key generated by Einstein's strange entanglement to decode the message from the sender and receiver. 

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Swinburne University of Technology
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