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MSNBC: Trump Has “Evil Desire” Against Illegal Immigrants New
Written by jonathan     July 11, 2018    
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MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell and her guests concluded Tuesday that President Trump wishes to see all illegal border crossers prosecuted because he has an “evil desire” to stop them.

While discussing the separation of illegal immigrants from their children, MSNBC legal analyst Mimi Rocah suggested “It seems like incompetence, at best, and deliberate, real evil at worst.”

Rocah also lumped in legal asylum seekers with illegal immigrants, claiming that “many of whom were presenting themselves with legal asylum claims” have had their children taken away.

Illegal immigration

She did not explain that asylum seekers, if they follow the legal process, are not arrested nor separated from their children.

Mitchell called the situation a “horror” and again misleadingly conflated illegal immigration with the legal process.

“It is a violation actually of the legal asylum provisions that are universal that involve human rights, that involve our own State Department rules.” Mitchell said.

“There are supposed to be a fear hearing for people that are applying — coming in legally as they apply for asylum. Everyone has been swept up in this same policy.” The host added.

“You posited that it’s either incompetence or evil. I would suggest that it could be both,” Mitchell continued.

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