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Stories Stories Politics “Bureaucracy Is Out Of Control,” Martin Armstrong Blasts “Obama Should Just Resign”

“Bureaucracy Is Out Of Control,” Martin Armstrong Blasts “Obama Should Just Resign”
Written by Maricel Rubia     August 04, 2014    
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Obama should just resign. He is outrageous. He supported the NSA and has claimed the CIA does not spy on Congress. Well, the Inspector General has released his report and oops – yes the CIA spies on Congress.

Let’s get real here. I have reported that for 2 years speaking and communicating with people on the House Financial Services Committee (banking), they were telling me that the NSA was sweeping up even their emails and phone calls way before Snowden. I was told that point-blank and not in confidence. Therefore, EVERY journalist had that SAME info and refused to report it. Snowden had to go to the Guardian in Britain to get the story out because WE HAVE NO PRESS WITH INTEGRITY that is still standing in the United States.

Obama is either a stooge or part of the real danger to the survivability of our nation

Now they are all reporting the CIA spies on Congress. The executive branch led by the President controls the Judiciary as well and it is at war with Congress. Obama has used the NSA, IRS, and the CIA to attack everyone. These people behind the curtain are the unelected. They threaten and blackmail people as part of their routine. I have seen this first hand and you do not grasp pure evil until you see it in their eyes.

These types of people see themselves so above everyone else and bask in their power to destroy anyone or anything they deem inappropriate. Where this will all end is written in history and it is never pretty.

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House Financial Services Committee
2129 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, District of Columbia 20515
United States


Martin Armstrong
Contributor's Comment
This Guy hates America , he hates the Past Presidents , That Stood For Something good . He hates the Fact . The People Were On the right track . Now We Must Kiss his feet , Get thrown to the street , And retreat , He has All Of Us Beat .
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