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2 arrested for anti-Pope posters in Jerusalem
Written by Maricel Rubia     May 24, 2014    
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Two residents of Jerusalem were arrested in connection to banners posted in the city decrying Pope Francis's upcoming arrival in Israel on Sunday, reported Israel Radio on Friday.

The posters called on Pope Francis to leave Israel and to return holy relics looted by the Romans from Beit Hamikdash (Second Temple).

Protesting against the pope

The suspects were found with dozens of such posters still in their possession.

Israel issued restraining orders against several Jewish right-wing activists earlier this week, restricting their movements over concern that they could try to disrupt the historic visit.

The recent rise in "price tag" attacks targeting Christians has led to the Roman Catholic Church's demand for action and increased security.

Tensions were high in the capital as the city braced itself for a security feat with the upcoming visit of the pope, who has stated he will not avail himself of bullet-proof vehicles during his three day trip to the Middle East.

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Jerusalem, Israel


Contributor's Comment
How many are troubled by fascist political orders, handed down to Israeli police, to ARREST people for posters they (may, or may not)disagree with? So, let's get this straight: when Arabs exhort "kill the Yahud", as they actually incite to murder, why aren't they arrested? Moreover, how can Israel's leaders continually exhort their fealty to democracy, when its leaders are against political protest? Adina Kutnicki, Israe
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