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$1mn Picasso Yours for Just $135 at an Online Charity Raffle
Written by Michael     April 07, 2014    
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The UNESCO-registered charity has issued 50,000 tickets at 100 euros ($135) each for the first-of-its-kind tombola on December 18 at Sotheby's in Paris, hoping to raise $5 million. It wants the money to develop a traditional handicraft village giving young people, women and the disabled jobs in Tyre and to set up an institute for Phoenician studies in Beirut. Hopefuls have snapped up 40,000 tickets already and Olivier Picasso, Pablo's grandson, is in New York to drum up interest in the remaining 10,000. "Buy a ticket and enjoy a double pleasure," Olivier, whose grandmother Marie-Therese Walter was Picasso's mistress, told AFP. 

What About an Exquisite $1 Million Picasso for The Living Room or For a Christmas Present, Yours For Just $135 At An Online Charity Raffle

"The first one will be to help a really interesting project and the second one is, hey, maybe to get a Picasso on your wall." People from all over the world have gone online to buy just one or a handful of tickets at Picasso is almost as famous for his chronic infidelities and succession of beautiful muses as for the genius of his work that makes his masterpieces some of the most expensive on the planet. Although Olivier never met his grandfather, he has written books about the life of the 20th century art genius and is convinced that Picasso would have approved of the pre-Christmas tombola. 

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• Bidita Debnath
Contributor's Comment
• The perfectly preserved Cubist gouache was bought by an anonymous donor from a New York gallery and given to a charity working to save the ancient city of Tyre in southern Lebanon.
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