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Florida Democrats may get buzz from medical marijuana
Written by Aldine      April 24, 2014    
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The ballot proposal, which was approved by Florida's Supreme Court on Monday, is so popular it could help Democrats unseat the state's Republican Governor, Rick Scott, who is up for re-election in November.

Florida Democrats may get Buzz from Medical Marijuana

Democrats believe it could energize their base in a midterm electoral season that generally results in low turn out, while polls show even a majority of Florida Republicans support medical marijuana use.

Scott opposes the ballot initiative and is trailing in polls to his main challenger, former governor Charlie Crist, who favors legalization. That could set the stage for a political battle in a state that is both a harsh enforcer of drug laws and a major pot producer.

Florida's contest is the only gubernatorial election in a big swing state in November's midterm elections, and a Democratic victory would be a major blow to the Republican party heading into the 2016 presidential race.

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David Adams and Zachary Fagenson
Contributor's Comment
A November ballot measure to legalize marijuana for medicinal use in Florida could have a decidedly political side effect.
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