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"Sofia water" mismanagement with interest accounts
Written by Klint     March 27, 2014    
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"Sofia Water" abused its dominant position by charging interest on late accounts in months in which consumption is not reported at actual water meter readings and automatically. It argues the Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC), which give the concessionaire of the Metropolitan Water-network 30 days to submit written objections to the statement of its allegations which, if confirmed, the company will be penalized. From "Sofia Water" justified their actions with imposition of a sanction by the National Revenue Agency because of not charging interest and said they will give their opinion on ln Poza me in this period. 

The company is justified by sanction of the NRA for not charging them

According to the CPC with interest on unpaid bills on forecast consumption "Sofia water" affects the interests of consumers and impose unfair trade provided under the Law on Protection of Competition. According to the General Conditions of "Sofia water" users are required to pay on a monthly basis their use of water-service and reporting of actual consumption of water is carried out every three months. For each the two months that is not done real reporting water-operator charged water determined based on the average monthly cost of the previous two two statements, such as equalization account which is prepared at the end of three months, set the amount of the total used water, but not the exact amount of water consumed for each month. Meanwhile, the General Conditions of the concessionaire provide for non-payment of the current account of the subscriber to statutory interest from the date of default. Hauswirth interest for late on invoiced estimated amounts of water, not just on the value of water actually consumed, calculated quarterly after the actual report of the meters. 

This behavior of "Sofia water" directly harming consumers that the obligations to pay for the first two reporting months have not been established in size, and the obligation for compensation for delay implies precise figures actually used the service. definition of the CPC no appeal and the company has 30 days to submit its opinion on the matter and to gain access to the file. The operator will be entitled to be heard at a public hearing in the committee in connection with the submitted claims and penalties which it intends to impose. concessionaire From plumbing networks argued that the legal provisions, including with respect to interest on the late payment arrears payments from consumers. "In addition, and particularly in the matter, we would like to note that in the past the company was sanctioned by the National Revenue Agency because of not charging default interest on overdue accounts nezavisimo whether they are formed in the forecast consumption or equalizer report , "the opinion of the company.

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• Sofia water water stops when you want and without any warning or INFORMATION! One example of this - for 24 hours straight quarter G.Delchev without water?
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