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Stories Stories Business "Sofia Properties" wants to sell two terrain near the beach in Nessebar

"Sofia Properties" wants to sell two terrain near the beach in Nessebar
Written by Jomar     March 26, 2014    
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Municipal company "Sofia Properties" wants to sell two terrains in Nessebar meters from the beach. With the money from the sale of capital repair park "Renaissance" in so far as it is located on property owned by the company, says "Sega". decision renovation of the park in the summer of 2011, but only now Councillor GERB Borislav Borissov has submitted a report which will be voted on at the regular meeting of the City Council on Thursday. The opposition suspects that the sale is targeted at specific people close to a majority in the municipality writes. One property is 6073 square meters and the other - 2307 m2 Both are located in the new town of Nessebar to the beach. "Sofia Properties" gets them in September 2001, when a contract with the municipality of Nessebar consideration for transfer of ownership. Against them shall be obliged to hospital and kiosk. Currently, however, the metropolitan municipal company and the municipality of Nessebar judge. Advisor BSP Kaloyan Pargov suggested point to be delayed until the completion of legal proceedings.

According to the Socialists for a month and a half of land assessments are reduced twofold.

According to the assessment report attached Borisov made by the company "Dinev & Co." The price of 6000 square meters is € 1,397,058, or € 230 per sq.m. The purpose of the site is for "hotel and sports." Currently the property has four temporary buildings, including a cafe. Besides hotel on the same site as the plans for temporary objects of the municipality must have 113 parking places, car wash and coffee bar. The property is located in the southern part of the new town of Nessebar just behind the building of the hospital, about 90 meters north of the beach, near the newly built luxury hotels and apartment complexes. assessing other property is € 530,712. The site is designed to service structures, landscaping, sports and entertainment. "The site is located south of the city, just in front of the hotel" Melsa Coop "and is located 60 meters north of the beach near the luxury resorts and near the iconic restaurant" Chevermeto, "the evaluation.


• Nesebar Beach, Burgas, Bulgaria


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• So take property to build a hospital and a kiosk. Then built them, but sell the property to person. And because the company is a municipal chain, no need for additional conditions. What if Nessebar Municipality won the case and asked that he either return the property or several million more who will cover them?
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