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"Gazprom" Kiev threatened to cancel the gas discount
Written by Klint     March 28, 2014    
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"Gazprom" has threatened to revoke the offer Ukraine a discount on the price of natural gas, if not pogadeni obligations of "Naftogaz" spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov Russian company on Saturday.

"Obviously this payment zda Ukraine can maintain the current discount," said Kupriyanov and noted that the decrease in the price of raw materials to Ukraine applies only timely payment of supplies. He described his company's relationship with Ukraine as "good".

Currently Kiev due to "Gazprom" 1.54 billion for gas consumed, they are not paid and current supplies.

Of "Gazprom" adding that the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine to Europe is free and delivered in February quantities are the same as in February 2013

Moscow reminded gas debt of Ukraine in January and part of it was paid, but the government then announced that the regions where dissidents occupied administrative buildings, do not enter payments for natural gas.

Gas discount was given to Ukraine at the end of last year between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yanukovych. So the new year Kiev pay 268 dollars per 1,000 cubic meters instead of 400 dollars. Then Russia and provide a credit of $ 15 billion, which at the moment is frozen.


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• Unfortunately ORIGINALLY investments are large. Even the Germans seemed to them salty and they decided to lessened pace.
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