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Stories Stories Business ‘Beer map’ shows American brand preferences based on tweets

‘Beer map’ shows American brand preferences based on tweets
Written by melody     April 05, 2014    
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Using geotagged tweets from Twitter, scientists have charted a ‘beer map’ showing that consumers in the Eastern half of the US prefer Bud Light, while the Western half showed more interest in Coors Light.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Kentucky, is part of a new book, “The Geography of Beer,” which looks at beer and wine preferences among American consumers.

After looking at one million geotagged tweets containing the words “beer,” “wine” and product brands between June 2012 and May 2013, researchers found that Bud Light and Coors Light dominated the virtual map

Beer map

Meanwhile, beer drinkers in the Midwest and Great Plains expressed a preference for Miller Light. And brands like Corona and Dos Equis got more mentions in the Southern border regions of the US. 

As for wine, predictably, most wine-related tweets were also sent from wine-growing regions like Washington, Oregon and California, researchers said.

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