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$100,000 income: Three very different tax bills
Written by melody     April 23, 2014    
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One that stands out: People making the same money in each of those places can face very different tax bills.

CNNMoney asked the Tax Institute of H&R Block to compare the combined federal, state and local income tax bill on a gross household income of $100,000 in each of the three cities.

Different tax bills

For a dual-earner married couple with two young children, the New York City borough of Queens would deliver the biggest tax bite at $8,719. (We had to make some assumptions about the taxpayer's situation; see them below.)

The Queens couple would pay the biggest bill largely because they would be subject to some of the highest state and local income taxes in the country.

By contrast, the same $100,000 couple in Seattle would pay the smallest total income tax bill -- just $3,286 -- because Washington has no state or local income taxes.

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Jeanne Sahadi
Contributor's Comment
There are a lot of differences between Queens, Topeka and Seattle.
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